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Today after a wonderful text message conversation with a good friend I was lead to dig deeper (more than I have in a LONG time) into what God is trying to teach me. I have to admit I am pretty anti-blogging (if you do we are still friends don’t worry). With that said, know this is very much not like me to share anything of this nature. With much consideration and prayer I am confident that God can use my experience and love for Him to help whomever so reads my hard learned lessons.

I am a nurse, in a high stress environment (let’s face it though if you are nurse anywhere, it is high stress, we’re not kidding anyone here). I enjoy my job or at least I used to. I found pride in my job. “I am a bad a**!” I would tell myself and I BELIEVED it. I can handle being tripled in the ICU with closely monitored titrate medications, ventilators, and crazy out of their mind, sometimes mean people. That makes me cool and a rocker chick! YEAH Go me! Right? FALSE!

Today I read a passage that reminded me that being a bad a** is really not that cool. If I were to be honest with myself I would really have to say that God has been working on softening my heart for the past several months even YEARS. I am stubborn and prideful. I should not try to fool anyone, God isn’t fooled. Yet, He still loves me.

I read Colossians 3:1-17 today. It talks about putting on the New Self, the Self that is clothed in compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience (vs 3:10). It talks about putting to death anger, wrath, malice, slander and obscene talk (vs 3:8). Ouch, oh man, I do all of the latter. I hardly do any of the former. Further in the passage it talks about putting on love (vs3:14), which it says, “Above all else,” do this. Again, ouch.

God spoke pretty clearly through pointing out those things from above. The Holy Spirit let the conviction be known. My pride and my flesh point out those lists are IMPOSSIBLE! “I can’t be perfect like You (God) want me to be!” So, I get angry. I get bitter. I blame situations, people and lastly myself. My flesh SCREAMS out in anger. I realize I am breaking God’s heart. I am destroying the relationships around me all because I hate. All because my pride SCREAMS NO!

God ever so gently whispers, “My beloved, stop. I paid your debt. I have called you to me. Why must you fight me?”

Now, I turn to God and SCREAM at Him, “WHY?! You could’ve stopped me from saying those terrible things! You could’ve kept me from lusting! Why, didn’t you keep me out of those lies?!?”


"You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of dust
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us”**


Never once in Colossians 3 does God say, “Welp, you’re on your own here. Hope you can do it perfectly. Good luck kid.” In fact, if we look back when God created humanity, He made us to live in communion with Him. We sin, we get lost in The Law of the Old Testament, in the lists like above. How quickly we in our feeble minds take our eyes off of the one who paid it all. How quickly does pride and flesh blind our hearts from the constant presence of Jesus Christ. I learned this past Sunday in church that when God makes a covenant with His chosen people, He will never break it. It is us. It is we who sin, not God. Take a listen to the sermon I heard at under sermons, “Fighting Temptation, Sin and Satan.”

How perfect are His ways. That He would provide us with opportunities to show His love; To show that we are His.

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-Pearce, Chad. “Fighting Temptation, Sin, and Satan.” Sermon, Journey the Way, Wichita 2/23/2014

-**Gungor, Michael and Lisa, “Beautiful Things.” Album, Beautiful Things. Brash Music. 2010


Made With Paper


Starting the morning off right with JESUS centered music pointing me straight to the CENTER of the GOSPEL. I need more of the gospel in my life. It’s so sweet to my heart, soul and mind. This world is full of things that play to my sinful flesh, and this turns my heart toward Jesus.

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The Creators of LA: Hollywood Assistant (& Writer) Lydia Whitlock

For the last 10 months, self-taught photographer Megan McIsaac has been traveling the West Coast in an RV — a 1977 Toyota “Dolphin” — and gathering portraits of friends and creative types she met along the way. Now settled in Los Angeles with a Mamiya c330 camera, McIsaac decided to document the community that’s inspired so much of her work: Tumblr. This is part of a series of photographic profiles.

Lydia Whitlock

Formerly the anonymous writer of the “To My Assistant” blog, Lydia Whitlock is a lady of many passions. She graduated from Yale in 2008 with a degree in film studies (and I highly recommend sparking up a conversation with her about movies). She welcomes me into her Silver Lake home with snacks, gin, and the soundtrack to Performance. And, of course, she’s hilarious — as evidenced by her blog-turned-book, which is a montage of pithy advice to her future assistant, based on the ridiculous things she’s had to do as an assistant herself. She quickly became one of my favorite people to be around and photograph.

Let’s start from the beginning. How’d you end up working as a Hollywood assistant?

I moved to LA one month after college, having never been here before. I had just graduated with a degree in film studies, and decided that if I was going to try to work in the entertainment industry, I should try right away, to get what I was sure was going to be a period of complete failure out of the way as soon as possible.

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Some may say you are cheesy. Some may say that true love does not exist. Some may say people were not meant to be with one person forever. I say SCREW them. What you give is what you get. What you settle for is what you get. When you take yourself above another you are missing out. Live, Love and Be.

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  • Question: WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST HUMAN MEMORY? - tumblrbot
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    eating cake in a high chair…..IDK what b-day it was. But, I have a question in return to this one. Do you wonder how much is an actual memory or what is ingrained from family stores and pictures? Because, I am really not sure.  

So needed this! I will always need this.

So needed this! I will always need this.